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3 Subtle Benefits of Invisalign

April 7, 2022

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Woman holding Invisalign aligners in the shape of heart

If you’re about to get Invisalign clear aligners, you’re probably just focusing on how discrete they are. Compared to braces that use brackets and wires, Invisalign lets you keep a more natural smile while straightening your teeth. That’s why most consider aligners the more popular option at this point.

However, clear aligners have other advantages besides their low-key appearance. Here are three subtler benefits of Invisalign that you would get to experience!

They Aren’t Bonded to Your Teeth

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t bond brackets and wires to your teeth during treatment. Instead, it moves your teeth with a series of clear aligners. You only wear each aligner for a couple of weeks as it guides your teeth, then switch to the next aligner in the sequence.

Patients have to wear metal braces at all times, only being able to remove them at the end of the straightening process. Invisalign clear aligners, meanwhile, can be removed as needed by the patient. Consequently, they tend to make for a more convenient option.

They Make Oral Care Easier Than Braces

It’s easy enough for someone to adjust to metal, bracket-and-wire braces. Still, their presence can make it more difficult to perform proper dental care.  For instance, metal braces have you clean around your brackets and wires using hygiene tools like interdental cleaners.

In contrast, Invisalign aligners can be taken out before a teeth cleaning. As a result, they make it much more efficient to clear out food particles and bacteria.

They Don’t Need Periodic “Tightening”

Traditional braces involve the routine tightening of the arch wire, a component that’s connected to the brackets bonded to your teeth. Patients usually experience increased discomfort during and following this maintenance, though these symptoms fade over time.

Because there are no brackets on clear aligners, there is no need for an arch wire to straighten your teeth. In short, Invisalign doesn’t involve any routine tightening, just replacing old trays with new ones.  Consequently, clear aligners require fewer maintenance visits and are more comfortable for your teeth.

Invisalign aligners’ most famous feature is the clear trays. Even so, try to remember the above benefits so you’ll have a fuller appreciation for your treatment!

About the Author

Turning Leaf Dental is based in Boston, MA. Led by Drs. Lau, Dalavurak, and Salem, their team prioritizes patient comfort and personalized treatment. The dental services they offer — including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry — are top of the line and built to last.  They also provide orthodontic help through Invisalign clear aligners and PROPEL rapid teeth movement. To learn more information or to book an appointment, they can be reached at their website or by phone at (617)-536-5182.

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