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Do Your Teeth Get More Sensitive with Veneers?

December 5, 2022

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a woman getting veneers from her dentist

Modern dental advances have made it possible to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you have stained, chipped, or misshapen teeth, cosmetic treatments like veneers have provided a long-lasting solution for a range of dental imperfections. These thin porcelain coverings can completely transform your pearly whites! But do they cause teeth sensitivity? Here’s what you need to know from your dentist in Boston.

So, Will My Teeth Become Sensitive with Veneers?

Before your veneers are attached with dental-grade adhesive, your teeth will have to be prepped by removing a small amount of enamel (less than half a millimeter). While it is not normally enough to compromise the overall structure of your teeth, it can cause some people to feel mild tooth sensitivity, even after the new shells are placed over their pearly whites. The good news is that it shouldn’t last more than a few weeks; then you will be able to fully enjoy your radiant new smile!

It’s important to remember that is common for most people to experience slight discomfort for a few days or weeks after most dental procedures. If the sensitivity persists for more than a few months, then you should visit your dentist as soon as possible, as this could indicate an underlying issue.

Relieving Teeth Sensitivity

Since veneers permanently cover your teeth, they can actually help decrease sensitivity. They create a barrier between the enamel and anything that causes discomfort, such as hot or cold food and drinks. If that’s ever not the case and you experience increased discomfort following your cosmetic treatment, you should contact your dentist right away. They’ll recommend ways to help relieve your symptoms, like using desensitizing toothpaste to reduce irritation.

Benefits of Veneers

While you might feel mild sensitivity for a short amount of time after getting your new smile, it surely won’t last as long as the benefits you will enjoy from your veneers! Some of the advantages of this cosmetic treatment include:

  • Choosing your desired shade of color for your smile.
  • Fixing numerous dental imperfections.
  • Requiring a low level of maintenance.
  • Providing stain-resistant and natural-looking teeth.

If you are wanting a smile-upgrade, veneers may be a perfect solution for you. With the help of your dentist, the process can be as smooth as possible while helping to easily relieve any tooth sensitivity you might encounter.

About the Practice

Turning Leaf Dental has an experienced and passionate team who is eager to help you achieve your best smile yet. They provide customized, high-quality dental care catered to your unique needs. Using state-of-the-art technology, they offer a full range of services, including cosmetic procedures like veneers and professional teeth whitening. They even have Saturday appointments available to ensure a smooth treatment process! To schedule a consultation or an appointment, contact them through their website or call (617) 536-5182.

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